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“Rodina” Children Recreation Camp


There is an old tradition at Goznak: to encourage the personnel for balanced work on summer time, recreation of their children should be perfectly organized.


Beginning from 1946 “Rodina” children recreation camp of Moscow Printing Planf of Goznak have been constructing and maintaining. Today we have new permanent buildings with two- and four-place rooms furnished with modern style pieces of furniture. They located in ecologically clean place at the bank of Oka river 130 kilometers away from Moscow. Organization of children summer recreation is made as is customary for all Goznak activities – five meals daily, experienced pedagogic personnel that is traditionally formed from best students of Saransk State Pedagogical University; medical experts, prepared for any possible situation, carry out regularly medical inspection of children. There is a 2 storey medical building at the territory of the Camp where any child can get to appointment of therapist or physiotherapist. Children can take a hydro-massage and gas-bubble baths on doctor’s order. 


Camp Principal has approved plan regarding works to be carried out with children for all three summer months. Children can not only attend different coteries and performances but go in for sport; they can choose volleyball, basketball, swimming, ping-pong etc.


More over, children may go to daily disco or take a tour of Moscow Oblast or may choose other exciting and cognitive classes. To protect the Camp 11 hectares of the camp territory are secured by specialized protection agency. Based on good tradition management of Moscow Printing Plant visit the Camp each season to give presents for children and due to personal control of summer recreation organization.


This year Camp’s activities are supervised by Igor Budnikov, Chief doctor of medical center of Moscow Printing Plant and Assistant Director on social issues. Today Goznak has opportunity to organize three-shift summer vocation not only for children of Goznak employees. 24 days visit of Camp are available beginning from June 5, July 3 and July 31. Pass to the Camp can be purchased for 18,600 Rubles at following address:


27 Pavla Andreeva Str., Moscow, 115162


Moscow Printing Plant of Goznak, phone:


744-07-55 – Secretary

744-07-56 – I.M. Budnikov, Assistant Director, Social issues

744-07-66 – Deputy Director, Social issues

236-70-61 – Trade union committee of MPP of Goznak

Fax: 744-07-54

Location map: “Rodina” Children Recreation Camp

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