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Printing products counterfeit protection methods

Generally, printing products counterfeit protection methods can be divided into 4 groups:

    1) Fraud-proof paper for printing products manufacture
    2) Graphical safety elements

    3) Typographic safety methods (print methods, special inks)
    4) Additional safety elements (post-printing processes)

3. Graphical safety elements

3.1 guilloche pattern

3.2 background grids

3.3 width modulation

3.4 microtext

3.5 tilting effect

3.6 MVC-effect (MoireVariableColor)

3.7 Antixerox

3.8 Special screens 

3.4 microtext- an element of polygraph protection; very small text (less then 0.3 mm); at security papers it is mainly represented by linear graphical elements or background images.

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