Moscow Printing Plant of Goznak
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Moscow Printing Plant of Goznak – the oldest Company in the field of security paper printing.

    Goznak Printing Plant, Moscow has a license No. 5 (07-1-05/5064 of 08.08.08) issued by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation for manufacturing of fraud-proof printing products, including security paper blank sheets, and for trading of said products.

    Goznak Printing Plant, Moscow:

    * has right to manufacture all categories of fraud-proof security paper – “A”, “B”, “C”

    * has exclusive right to applying of scratch-off and Orlov type of printing for manufacturing of printing products

    * guarantees strict quality control

    * carries out general security of production and complete confidentiality

    * performs high level art and typographic works within short periods of time.

    The Plant provides full cycle of fraud-proof printing products manufacturing including design of security paper blank sheets.

    All products are based on our own design; during their manufacture closed cycle method is used that includes applying of exclusive paper types produced at Goznak paper mills, protection inks designed and produced in Goznak system, devices and auxiliaries verifying authenticity of manufactured products.

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